This was my final lighting project for my Show Light Engineering class at Full Sail. It was to the song "Go" by Andy Hunter. Although I recieved a 98% on the project, I am still not satisfied with the show, and would make many more tweaks to it if I could.
The show was run off a GrandMA and triggered by internal timecode. The rig consisted of 2 Mac 2k's, 8 Mac 500's, 8 Mac 600's, 4 Mac 250K's, and 4 Technobeams.
My concept for this song was to evoke emotion through color during the slow parts of the song, and concentrate on the difference between light and dark during the fast part.
I must apologize in advance for the poor quality, especially at the end - the strobing wreaks havoc on the auto-focus. The camera also doesn't do the wash colors justice.
Lastly, I would like to thank Daniel Carter for taking the video, and YouTube for hosting it. (and providing me with hours of entertainment!)

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